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See Mapping External Roles to an Application Role in the Secure Oracle Fusion Applications section. Server is down or fails while processing the web service. Describes tracing messages for the job request monitoring UI. Messages related to job request fetch and various API calls. In the Enable Request Dispatcher section, enable or disable the request processor. Under the Advanced Configuration section, configure the number of threads and the starvation threshold in minutes. In the Work Assignment Bindings section, bind a work assignment to the request processor.

Days Receivables Outstanding : OpenReference

Creates expenditure items and cost distributions for the transactions in the Project Costing open interface table. Processes transactions in online mode when called from page-level actions and is not enabled for parallel processing. Note that this policy may change as the SEC manages to ensure that the website performs efficiently and remains available to all users. By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing. For best practices on efficiently downloading information from, including the latest EDGAR filings, visit

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Exclusive bindings apply even if the server to which they are bound is unavailable. An exclusive work assignment must be unbind if it will not be excluded.

  • This column displays the full directory path to which the job definition is saved.
  • For example, users can request a notification to be sent to the originator of the job request.
  • A bound work assignment is active if it is enabled, has an active workshift and the enabled flag is set on the work assignment definition.
  • After determining work assignments and thread allocations, Oracle Enterprise Scheduler begins a thread pool for each active work assignment.
  • This property specifies the request processing priority.

The Manage List of Values Dependencies dialog is displayed, as shown in the following figure. The Create Application Defined Property dialog box appears.

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If this property is not specified, the system default used is 0. Field, enter the value to be assigned to the system property.

Days Receivables Outstanding : OpenReference

•The interaction of buildings, EVs and people for energy flexibility and balance. •The role of building and EV in energy physical, data cyber and human social space. Review the information given in the Security Console section within Oracle Help Center . If the user is not found, add the user to the group, as described in Step 4. After postprocessing has begun, the cancel operation has no effect. Job from being initiated by having checkpoints in the execute method.


Purge policies enable the scheduling service to remove scheduled jobs according to specified criteria. For example, a purge policy might specify the retention of all Java job requests using a particular job definition submitted by an application for 3 days. Another purge policy might retain a particular type of job request, for example, all SQL job requests in a successful state, for only 1 Days Receivables Outstanding : OpenReference day. The frequency at which the purge policy is to run can also be specified. For information about creating schedules for purge policies, see Manage Schedules. Thread allocation specifies the number of threads that can be used by the request processor. When the workshift in a work assignment is active, each request processor for the work assignment can use the specified number of threads.

To add, remove, or add back times that were previously scheduled. In the Select Job Definition window, enter the name of the job definition in the Name text field. Configure a request processer and a request dispatcher. Go to the Incident Manager page to view additional information about incidents by clicking the number of incidents that appear in the Monitoring and Diagnostics area. A service used to create, update, get, or find custom Oracle Fusion Customer Center business objects. Provides the ability to define, schedule, and run different types of jobs, including Java, PL/SQL and binary scripts.

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Each workshift in the work assignment must have a thread allocation of at least one. Considers all running servers in the group, and it is irrelevant which applications are deployed to the servers. For more information about the attributes that can be configured for each type of connection, see the online help by clicking the help icon on the ADF Connections Configuration page. Search for the relevant job set, as described in View Job Sets. Or the name of the job definition to run upon reaching an error or warning state. Request expiration only applies to requests that are waiting to run.

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In the Set up Purge Policy page, configure the purge policy. An asynchronous job reserves and holds an asynchronous worker before preprocessing starts and through finalization. In the case of preprocess delay, the asynchronous worker is released during the delay and reserved when the delay ends. A request that submits a subrequest and pauses, releases its asynchronous worker and the asynchronous worker is reserved when the request is resumed. A blocked request does not hold an asynchronous worker. A work assignment can be deleted from the list of work assignments. Before deleting a work assignment, ensure that it is not bound to a request processor.